How to Contribute to Super?

Contributing to superannuation can be done is several ways, and the modern fund or platform general has access to the bPay and Direct Credit banking systems.

  • SG Contribution (work)
  • This is the government mandated contribution required to be made by your employer, currently 9.5% (as at 01/07/2014)

  • Award/Other Contribution (work)
  • Some employment arrangements have additional contributions being made by your employer above and beyond the normal SG Contribution based on the negotiated contract or award.

  • Salary Sacrifice (work)
  • Some employer offer their staff the ability to salary package items including superannuation contributions, basically your employer takes extra superannuation contributions from your wage before tax, allowing you savings and build your super balance much faster.

  • Personal Contribution - Undeducted
  • This is you making cash contributions from your own funds after tax

  • Spouse Contribution
  • Under certain conditions it is possible for a spouse to contribute to your superannuation fund and they can claim a tax deduction.

The Federal Government proposed changes to super in the May 2016 Budget, including the kinds of contributions you can make, eligibility conditions and government limits and taxation. This guide is before the Budget Changes become effective and based on current rules (September 2016).